Friday, January 11, 2008

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Another Week That Was

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? The giant International Consumer Electronics Show is winding down. Upwards of 140,000 geeks and geekettes from around the techno world descended on Las Vegas for the annual showcase of all things new in technology. Among the 140,000 were Microsoft chair Bill Gates who played the opening act as he has for years, General Motors Chair Rick Wagoner, and honchos from just about anything remotely (pun intended) connected with the sounds, sights, feels, tastes, or smells of technology. The show has grown so large - only one has eclipsed it - Comdex which crashed along with the techno sector of the stock market early this century. But are the techno geeks victims of their own genius?

Advances in technology have allowed hotels to track and predict the number of rooms that will be occupied on a given night. That has result in occupancy-driven rates for every room. That is, the same room that might rent for $ 49 on a Sunday of a slow week, might rent for ten times that amount on a busy weekend. Hoteliers call that tracking. CES attendees call it gouging. They are threatening to pick up their stereo and go home and never return. Some locals shudder at the possibility. Others say, "Good riddance. They are cheap and don't tip."

Hut, Hut... Busted! The principal at Green Valley High School may have never entered a science fair but he's discovered how to become a lightning rod. He plans to randomly drug test athletes at the school. The proposal has brought mixed reactions. Many parents have taken up the cry of a recent movie, "Yeah, Baby!" But some students, especially athletes, have wondered aloud, "Why us?" The ACLU has weighed in as well. They contend that while random drug testing of athletes is constitutional, they wonder what consequences of a dirty test would be. Stay tuned.

Hit a jackpot to his the sack: Remember the song named for Van Gogh's "Starry Starry Night?" A bed maker has used the same name for their new reason to have you never have to leave the bedroom. Starry Night Sleep Technology was updated the two-bit magic fingers bed to one that does everything but pay your monthly bills. And those bills will increase if you buy this sleeping beauty. It can cost up to $ 50,000 and does not even promise a good night's rest - of course, you might be too worried about paying for it to rest.

The bed has anti-snoring technology built in as well as mattress adjusting technology, individual heat controls - from 68-117 degrees, the obligatory massage, breathing and body movement monitors, and will call 911 if it detects you're about to kick the bucket. It also includes an iPod docking station, surround sound, and a projection system to show movies. And, you ain't read nothing yet. It also includes a "love button" that can lower window shades, dim lights, and play preselected music. It has other features, "too numerous to name." But can it predict who will win the presidential election?

A little blogging music Maestro.... the Eurythmics, "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This."

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