Thursday, January 3, 2008

Leftovers into the New Year

Snapping up Snippets

Up Up And Away: Americans are a curious lot when it comes to flying. Over the past decade real tickets have given way to e-tickets, fares have increased, food service has all but disappeared, employees have disappeared (have you checked in at a kiosk lately?), flight crews have become surly, cops have been added, lines are longer, planes are more crowded and arrive later, and the employees who are left are overworked, underpaid, and anxiously awaiting retirement - hoping that their company does not join dozens of others already in bankruptcy.But we keep flying in ever increasing numbers. Atlanta continues as the busiest airport in the US with nearly a million flights annually. Hence the old saying, "If you're going to Hell you have to go through Atlanta," still holds true. Las Vegas had fewer flights but more people aboard. Chicago's O'Hare and Dallas Fort Worth, and LAX are also among the dizziest and busiest.

Blow 'em up, knock 'em down, build 'em up: Las Vegas has a history of blowing up and replacing hotels. Dunes. Boom! Bellagio. Sands. Boom! Venetian. Castaways. Boom! Mirage. Mirage parking lot. Boom! Treasure Island. Desert Inn. Boom! Wynn. And the booming beat goes on. Sometimes buildings just divide and expand like so many amoebas. The old Nevada Palace on Boulder Highway has blossomed into a Cannery that is such an awesome blossom that an Aussie bought it. The Hard Rock is bursting its seams to the tune of a $ 750 million 950 room addition and the Venetian recently spawned Palazzo. The building boom has changed Las Vegas from Little Lulu to Baby Huey.

Pssst... Hey buddy, wanna buy something?: Retailers are not happy about flat sales this holiday season. Sales are off a couple of percent compared to last year's. What's a marketer to do? In the spirit of making every holiday more commercial some retailers have figured out that Hispanics still have loose change in their pockets so several campaigns have started to target shoppers for the "Three Kings" celebration of the Magi which is celebrated January 6. It is surprising the retailers have not yet figured out that Russian, Greek, and Serbian Orthodox church members follow the Gregorian calendar and celebrate Christmas January 7. But I'm sure they will. After which they can boldly announce, "Only 36 shopping days left until Valentines. Day"

Da place for wise guys: If pink flamingos are soooo south Florida, what is soooo Vegas? Elvis? Garish homes decorated in "Early Pit Boss?" Neon and more neon? Yes to all of the above, but move over chic shtick, there's a new attraction coming to town. Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman is robbing the post office. Well, not actually. The old downtown post offices closed a few years ago and Oscar has proposed turning it into a Mob Museum. It is logical. If Washington D.C. can have a spy museum (which they do), why not a mob museum in the Entertainment Capital of the World?

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