Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Gnu Ear

Ohhhhh, my Head!

Fortunately I do not suffer the ill effects of a night out partying New Year's Eve. I let the 300,000 revelers revel on the Strip and Fremont street and wherever else they chose to revel. I also chose to let the drunks run into each other by not getting in their way. These days a big night for me on New Years Eve is to watch the fireworks in Times Square at 9:00 PST on an HDTV. Then, if I am able to last another three hours, do the same with the Las Vegas celebrations. Each local station has their spot staked out from which to broadcast but crowd noise prevents them from being heard.

This morning I am not among the legions who staggered from the bed to the bathroom moaning, "My tongue is asleep and my teeth itch. Honey, is the coffee ready? I need lots." But I am among the legion of pundits who is ready to make predictions for the upcoming year. Are you ready?

The Los Angeles jail will be purchased by a well known hotel family that will build a resort on the property. It will have a French theme and be called the Paris Hilton.

2007 found Oprah endorsing presidential candidate Obama in hopes of bringing support from women. Not sure if they have a slogan yet, but how about, "Ladies, you know who to vote for if you want the Big O."

My prediction for 2008 is that the trend of celebrity endorsements of presidential candidates will continue. I'm going out on a limb here, but my prediction is that Hillary has now become too nice to engage in a bare knuckle campaign. She will seek the endorsement of (and this was close....) Donald Trump? No Rosie O'Donnell.

Mitt Romney is spending millions and millions of his own money on his campaign and still can't get traction among his co-runners. Hence I predict he will bring Drew Carey on board as his finance manager. Drew can tell him exactly when "The Price is Right."

Mike Huckabee is doing very well on his own but I predict he will add Kevin Federline to his to his staff just because the poor guy needs a job.

Call me overly optimistic, but it just seems to me that Brittney Spears is a natural to join the Rudy Guiliani camp. Look out Mrs. Current Guiliani.

John Edwards will seek the endorsement of Lindsey Lohan. That way if he wins the election she will be in charge of getting the liquor for the celebration party. If he loses, he has another challenging client to represent.

John McCain will add Caitlin Upton to his staff. Don't remember her? She's the Miss South Carolina Teen who blew it when she tried to answer a simple question about geography during a pageant. He is a veteran pilot who has been everywhere and from the looks of his campaign he'll be going nowhere so he can spend his time tutoring the poor gal and giving her geography lessons.

Dennis Kucinich, who will forever be linked to his comments on UFOs will ask Tom Cruise to join him in going after the offbeat constituency.

Finally, Ron Paul will ask Angelina Jolie to adopt him in hopes of getting more media coverage.A little blogging music maestro... try "Who Do You Love?" by Max Lipscomb.

Dr. Dorgot

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