Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Marx's Tomb. A Communist Plot

Sunnyday Tuesday in Sunshine State

El Primerio - Fighting it out in Florida: Today is the day that Rudy Guiliani will find out if his battle plan worked. Like the beggar who asked for $ 500 for a cup of coffee, Rudy decided to put all his begs into one ask-it. Senator McCain is basking in the limelight of having received the endorsement of the Guv. Pundits say that gives him the battle but not the war - yet. Mut the Good Guv Mitt is not ready to be smit by the McCain machine. His pundits say the race is a dead heat. If they tie, it is going to be interesting to see how the 57 Florida delegates will be split. In the back of the voting classroom Rudy and Rev. Huckabee are doing their best Horschak imitation of "Me, me me. Pick me!" We will bring you the results in tomorrows post.

Democratic Faux Pas? The Dems have certainly had a quiver-full of Florida frustrations from hanging chads in 2000 to touch screen fiascoes in 2004. So what is their strategy this year in the fourth most populous state with oodles of big money donors? They play hooky. The DNC punished Florida for moving its primary to January 29. But the spanking backfired as it left the Republican candidates almost unlimited free airtime the week before Super Tuesday. That showed those nasty little Florida legislators. Note to the DNC: Can you say, "Ready, Fire, Aim?"

Top of the Monte Carlo Conversation: We reported yesterday that workers would try to begin to repair fire damage to the Monte Carlo despite high winds. Instead we are imagining a conversation between a couple of rooftop construction workers that may have gone: Worker 1: Windy, ain't it? Worker 2: No, it's colder than Thursday. Worker 1. Me too. Lets get a hot cup of Joe. Work will begin in earnest today.

Bits of tid: This is a new segment of our posting. We will occasionally provide a gaggle of activities and happenings. Are you strapped in? That "Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On" in the Lake Tahoe area was not Jerry Lee Lewis. A 3.2 temblor hit the Incline Village area yesterday. One finger salute from the auto dealer who wants to fly an oversize flag on an oversized pole. City fathers say, "No, no." Car dealer says, "Watch this!" That white stuff on Mt. Charleston is legal. Sixteen inches of snow fell in the mountains around Las Vegas this weekend. Snow bunnies are delighted. Of course the curmudgeons say, "The more snow, the more opportunities for avalanches. Right. And the more rain the more opportunities for drowning.

A little blogging music Maestro... "Going Out of My Mind"

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