Monday, January 21, 2008

Sex Between the Bushes

The Morning After

We have the luxury to look at the current political scene with an eye on the funnybone and our tongue firmly planted in our cheek. We're not alone. A pundit once described the Clinton White House years as "Sex between the Bushes." Since our musical and theatric puns have received considerable feedback, today's lesson will continue the irreverence and describe the Democratic race in terms of song and play titles by Simon and Garfunkel and Shakespeare with a pinch of Goldsmith. Certainly what is happening politically could only happen in America (Simon and Garfunkel).

The Nevada caucus looked to be a Hillary lock, then Obama got the endorsement of the powerful Culinary Union and the Bill and Hill push back began. Some from the Obama camp described the push back and her ultimate victory as She Stoops to Conquer (Oliver Goldsmith). But the Clinton campaign denied any chicanery and insisted that Senators Clinton and Obama are simply Old Friends (Simon and Garfunkel) who simply misunderstood one another.

Bill and Hill campaigned hard in Nevada as Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare) and Senator Clinton expressed her qualifications with Tales From New York (Simon and Garfunkel). After the roar of the caucus crowds both candidates were happy to get back to their families and enjoy some Sounds of Silence (S&G).

What started as A Midsummer Night's Dream (the other Bill) for the Senator from Illinois has become a campaign trail that would turn any novice into The Graduate (S&G). Meanwhile the Clintons continue to campaign as Bookends (Simple Simon and Art). Both candidates beat the drum of needed change, describing the current administration's policies as The Comedy of Errors (Bill the writer, not Bill the lover) and both claim their candidacy is a Bridge Over Troubled Waters (SG) that will bring stability in Washington. Fortunately the criticism of the current administration did not receive the same reaction as did the Spice Girls Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme (Paul and Art). According to the gospel of Hillary, It Takes A Village. It is her hope that her votes do not come from A Deserted Village (Goldsmith).

There are many caucuses and primaries to go before the nominations at the conventions. It might come to pass that The Winter's Tale was Much Ado About Nothing (WS&WS). Both candidates will plan strategies late into the night Wednesday Morning 3 a.m. (Wild Hair and Garfunkel) and both hope their nomination will be As You Like It (Bard).

A little blogging music Maestro, Let's do that oldie "The Race is On" by Dave Edmunds.

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